Micah B Howard
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"I strive to provide the highest quality educational experience to help my students achieve their goals and meet their full potential." - Micah Howard

Micah has been a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra since 1996, and he has been teaching at the collegiate level for over 20 years. His students are members of major symphony orchestras worldwide, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Utah Symphony Orchestra, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the Comic Opera of Berlin, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Macau Symphony Orchestra, and many more. Many of his students also perform as substitutes with orchestras like the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, to name a few. And many of his students are regular members of regional orchestras across the United States of America. In 2010 Micah received the award for Outstanding String Teacher by the Pennsylvania-Delaware String Teachers Association for his outstanding achievement as a string teacher and his contributions to the string profession. You can read testimonials from some of his students and colleagues here or read more about Micah here.

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